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Udita wants to change her glamorous image with ROKK

Udita Goswami in ROKK Udita Goswami, who has made an image of a glamour film after doing films of Bhatta camp, is going to be seen in a non-glamorous role in her forthcoming film ROKK going to be relased in the first week of March. We had a small chat with her in the office of Ikon Film about her carreer and ROKK.

Why did you agree to do this film ?

Films like Paap, Zahar etc had bound my acting in a glamorous image and everyone was offering me the sme kind of roles. I wanted to break out of this typed image but it was not forthcoming. Naturally so, when director Rajesh Ransinghe offered me this role I instantly agreed. A non-glamorous role, a good subject, an experienced director of horror films, a producer who had made Sunny Deol starrer and Subhash Ghai presentation film Right or Wrong. All these combined to made me decide to accept ROKK.

What is your role in the film ?

I am the younger sistr of Tanushree Dutta in this film. I am named Ahana and she Anushka. She has some accident and decide to search for the culprit and get him punished. CBI Officer Ranbir,played by Shaad Randhawa in the film, gives me company. A friendship evolves later between us.

Ashok Bhatia with Udita and ShaadThis does not explain the story. What is it ?

This is a horror movie. My sister Anushka has love-married Ravi. This is his second marriage and my mother dislikes the marriage. Ravi gives Anushka a bunglow as gift and when they shift to it a series of murders start happening. The suspense thickens. Anyone who is suspected as the murderer gets murdered the next day. Director Rajesh has weaved the story in such a manner that no viewer would like to leave his seat in the midst. Some people even suggest that this film should not have an intermission.

Are you superstitious in your personal life too ?

No, but during the shooting of this film I felt the presence of some invisible powers. As per the story of the film there were many exhorsist rituals. Om Klin ... like mantras were regularly chanted and many a times it appeared like some invisible power is trying to stop the shooting. Once it was held up for hours due to rain. Later it came to our knowledge that the rain was limited to half a kilmetre periphery of the shotting site. Is not it miraulous ?

Many of your films were with Imran and were successful too. This time you are paired with Shaad Randhawa who was a friend of Imraan in Awarapan. Is there any reason ?

First of all ours is not a romantic pair. We are just acting friends. econdly it is none of my job, but the decision of the director. A single secretary represents all three of us. Perhaps he suggested Shaad on the demand of director Rajesh and producer Krishna Chaudhary.

How you and Tanushree went along in this film ?

We both are in the same film but it is rare when both of us are in the same frame. Though it is good for the viewers to have both of us in the same film. Tanushree is an accomplished actress and she too has got enough opportunities to show her acting skill in the film

How happy are you with this change of image ?

Very happy. I hope the viewers shall recognise the actress within me and not take me merely as a glamorous doll who knows only to kiss. This film has not a single kissing scene and none of glamour. You get to see my acting skills only.

And you also said that you will not do any more thrillers ?

Yaa! I wont do any more thrillers. I would like to do only romantic films. It is said that youger viewers cannot see my films. Now I will do such films which can be seen by all classes of viewers.

Will you name your forthcoming films ?

ROKK is the first to be release. Therafter Amar Joshi Shaheed Ho Gaya, Chess, and Begunah are in the line.

(Source : Ashok Bhatia, Journalist/PRO, A/001, Venture Aptt, Sec-6, Vasant Nagari, Vasai (East), Thane. Ph.: 09221232130)


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