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The credit always goes to director – Sameer Kochhar

Sameer KochharTV anchor turned actor Sameer Kochhar who made his bollywood debut in film Zeher is now again coming back on the screen in the forthcoming film Hide & Seek. Moser Baer Entertainment and Idiot Box's film Hide & Seek is a directorial debut of Shawn Arranha and produced cojointly by Apoorva Lakhia and Laxmi Singh. The film stars Sameer Kochhar, Purab Kohli, Arjan Bajwa, Ayaz Khan, Mrinalini Sharma and former Miss Earth Amruta Patki. We had a brief chat with Sameer, here are some excerpts –

Tell us something about Hide & Seek. What's your character like in the film?

I'm playing the role of Abhimanyu in the film who's the son of a famous industrialist and brother of Om (Purab Kohli). Abhimanyu is a neglected older son, always jealous of Om as he's the apple of his parents' eye. Basically the films is based on 6 childhood friends who start playing the game of hide & seek on a cold x'mas night but as they grow up, they find themselves playing the same game in a fatal way which changes their lives forever.

How does it change their lives forever?

Haha you want me to tell you the climax of my film? Seriously watch it! It's a mindboggling film.

All your co-stars in the film are more or less of the same age including director Shawn Arranha. How was it working with Shawn?

I think Shawn is fantastic with his directorial skills. After a long time, audience would be able to see a good suspense flick and obviously the credit of a good suspense film always goes to the director.

From a TV anchor to actor, which one do you enjoy the most; small screen or big screen?

Well both TV and Films have a different charm and you cannot compare the two! I was 17 when I started off my career in Jain TV but people started recognizing me only when I hosted a sex talk show along with Kamal Siddhu on Zoom TV.

Did you also host the IPL matches?

Yes that's true! I've hosted both the seasons of IPL matches and I thoroughly enjoyed as I'm a huge cricket buff! My first cricket show was for kids on Hungama TV called Indoor Cricket Tournament.

Tell us about your upcoming films?

My upcoming films are Chase, Chargesheet and Gandhi Se Pehle Gandhi.

(Source : Susheel Sharma, of H. S. Communication Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai)


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