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My books will be publlished only after my death, says Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar Very few people know that Nana Patekar, who usually plays positive and Deshbhakta roles in films, is also a good writer and lyricist too. Presently he is busy writting his book. But, for many reasons, Nana Patekar does not want to make his writtings public. To know the reasons I interviewed him recently with some emphasis on the language dispute in Maharashtra.

I have heared that you are a good writer and have written many articles. Are some of them going to be published?

Yaa. This is true that I have written a lot and have told my family that they may publish these after my death, if hey so desire. So now it is not neccessary to say anything about those writtings. I feel everyone can write expressing what he feels and if it is good it may be published anyday and never if it is not. But, one should go on writting.

How important books are to you?

Books are always important. We like to read some books again and again. Books rekindles our memories.

Which is your favourite book?

It is very difficult to tell. Recently I read Three Cups of Tea and A Thousand Splendid Space. Both were good.

You are a Marathi. How do you feel when Marathi literature do not get any importance outside of Maharashtra?

I dont feel that way. No language can mar any other language. If you respect and learn my language I may do the same with your language. Any way language should not be a matter of dispute and for long. And why talk only about Mumbai and Maharashtra, we should think about all the languages of India.

What do you think about terrorist threat to Mumbai?

People come from far away tto our city and attack it. We read about it next day in papers but cant do anything. Sometimes I feel I am not complete alone. We may die in these terror attacks but it will be much better if we go down fighting. We should oppose these terrorists openely and without any fear. It is better to die once than keep on dying every day.

It is being said that you are coming in Rajniti. Will you tell something?

It will be premature now. It is enough to say that this film will bring about a great change in our thinking. And, this will be the memorable creation of Prakash Jha.

(Source : Ashok Bhatia, Journalist/PRO, A/001, Venture Aptt, Sec-6, Vasant Nagari, Vasai (East), Thane. Ph.: 09221232130)


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