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Ghasita was really challenging – Hemant Pandey

Hemant Pandey as Ghasita in TV serial DeviHemant Pandey, more famously known as 'Pandey ji' from serial ‘Office-Office’ has always constantly maintained a fine balance between his career in films and T.V serials. Good comic timing and marvelous acting skills has made him develop his own identity in both genres. Furthermore, to portray himself from a comedian to a serious artist, Hemant is now seen as Ghasita in NDTV Imagine's popular serial Neer Bhare Tere Naina – Devi. In tête-à-tête with him, he talks about his new avtar in Devi

What's the story of >Devi?

I'm playing the character of Ghasita who's a common villager and like many in his village; he too is burdened by poverty. Being the sole bread-winner of the family, he does not think twice the moment he gets a chance to become rich even at the cost of his new born daughter Laxmi being exploited. He fools the villagers by projecting his daughter as a Devi and pockets the money he earns in the name of God. As the wealth starts pouring in, his stature in the village and his lifestyle changes.

How different is your role in this serial compared to the roles you've done in the past?

It's a completely different role as I won’t be entertaining as a comedian. My character is cunning, shrewd and greedy.

Any specific reason to opt for this role?

Well I was looking forward to doing something interesting and different and gladly I came across the role of Ghasita. This character is really different and I found it very challenging, hence I opted for this role.

Do you think audience is appreciating this role of yours?

Definitely I'm getting positive feedback on my role as people didn't expect me to do this. Seems like a sweet surprise to everyone including me.

You've acted in various TV serials and films. In which one do you enjoy working the most?

I enjoy working in both films and TV but what's important is the audience like me in whatever role I play.

Tell us about your upcoming films?

My forthcoming projects are Jab Se Hua Hai Pyaar and Kushal Mangal.

You rose to instant fame with Office Office. Tell us something about Office Office?

Office Office as you all know is a comedy serial and it's an old but popular serial. I myself love the show because of my co-actors who've made the show so good.

(Source : Susheel Sharma, of H. S. Communication Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai)


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