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Daku Maan Singh visits Delhi for his film ‘Beehad-The Ravines’

‘Daku’ Maan Singh at Delhi for the release of Beehad-The Ravines
The cast of the film ‘Beehad’ Directed by Krishna Mishra addressed the Media at Films Division, Delhi. Interestingly, those addressing the media were the lead of the film ‘Daku Maan Singh’ and Deepika Sharma.

The film based on the life of Nirbhay Singh Gujjar has Real Life Daku Maan Singh playing his own character in the film. Also, Deepika who plays the role of Phoolan Devi in the film came dressed in the same attire at the press conference.

“I wanted a very real character who could play the role of Daku Maan Singh. when I approached him(Daku maan singh) he readily said that he’ll play his own role. I couldn’t have asked for anything more real than this.” Says Director Krishna Mishra.

Krishna Mishra had earlier directed a film titled ‘Wounded’ which had Seema Parihar as the lead and this time again, he is coming up with a new venture revolving around the same issues in Beehad.

The film was released on Friday.

(Source : Shailesh Giri of Effective Communication)