Baby Doll on Loop this New Year Eve nationwide

Looking back at Bollywood 2014 would be incomplete without the undisputed party anthem of the year – Baby doll! And while the year may have ended with countdown lists and award shows giving the song the Número Uno title, the makers of the song, Meet Bros, are anywhere but close to relaxing and enjoying the attention.

The talented brother duo who have emerged as one of the top 2 MVP or gems of the Indian music fraternity as per the latest polls, are busy gearing up for a very very busy year ahead. With Baby Doll emerging as the most played track at New Year parties this year across the sub continent and people appreciating their other songs like Hangover and PinkLips in the year gone by, Meet Bros are hopeful that the songs they are going to churn out in 2015 will only widen their creative repertoire and show their versatility as composers with over 40 songs in various genres and films.

It’s been a busy year for the musical duo and while the world is busy celebrating the festivities in the air, their one and only wish from Santa this year was better tunes for the coming year. With the way these boys are on fire, we are hoping for another musical wave in the country and beyond. With Baby Doll crossing over borders and creating news everywhere we are expecting more such international grooves and melodies from Meet Bros.

Bringing in the New Year on stage in the capital, the brothers resolve to balance their work and personal life and request all youngsters to do the same. In a world where everyone seems to be busy trying to win the race these ambitious yet grounded brothers try and take out time for their parents, family and even community work or seva as they say. Hungover with their 2014 tunes, here’s wishing the brothers a SuperHit 2015 as well. With their zeal and enthusiasm for life and music, the sky is the limit for them.