Love beyond boundaries

Recently in Cinemax Mumbai, a Press Conference was held by Saregama India Ltd. for their film “The Japanese Wife”. Almost the entire team of “The Japanese Wife” was present at the conference including ace filmmaker Aparna Sen, Actor Rahul Bose, Veteran Moushumi Chatterjee, Apurv Nagpal (MD of Saregama). The promos were showcased to the media which was present in large number.
The promos exhibited yet another finest work of Aparna Sen as she is one of the connoisseurs’ of artistic cinema in India. “The Japanese Wife” strikes a chord and is sure to leave an indelible mark on the audience as it will portray a real sensitive love story.
When asked Aparna as to what prompted her to make a film on Kunal Basu’s book “The Japanese Wife”, she answers “I got inspired with the fact that how 2 people’s 17 years marriage even though they’ve never met has more integrity than any other marriage I’ve ever seen in real. And I immediately knew that this was the film I had to make. I wanted to create a film which is minimalistic but poetic so I had to face a lot of challenges while making the movie.”
Apurv Nagpal expressed that he went berserk reading the novel and is grateful to Aparna for turning this film as beautiful as the book. He said “I love Moushumi Chatterjee’s role in the film for the great vivacity she shows in her character.”
The Press conference was followed by the album launch of “The Japanese Wife” where all the songs are handpicked by Aparna Sen. Followed by the launch; the Media was gifted with a “TJW” notebook designed by Mr. Ajay Shah.
Rahul Bose who had worked with Aparna Sen in fantastic films like “Mr. & Mrs. Iyer” and “15th Park Avenue” couldn’t stop appreciating Aparna for her brilliant talent of film making. “If the audience had gone for “Mr & Mrs. Iyer” because it was a romantic love story then I’m sure double the amount of people will go for “The Japanese Wife”, alleged Bose.
Veteran Moushumi Chatterjee who is making a comeback in films after 5 years added, “I’ve been a lazy person and when I was approached for this film, I knew I was getting a fantastic opportunity to make a comeback. I seriously recommend everyone to see this film because it’s full of love yet painful and so please watch the movie and enjoy the pain”.
The Japanese Wife is a beautiful love story of an Indian man who writes to a Japanese woman. The pen-friends fall in love and exchange their vows over letters, then live as man and wife without ever setting eyes on each other – their intimacy of words tested finally by life’s miraculous upheavals.

(Source: Harish Sharma of H.S.Communications, Mumbai)