Chunky is just a-joking!

Chunky Panday is enjoying the popularity of his super hit character ‘Aakhri Pasta’ from his last hit Houseful. Such has been the response to his character’s antics that people have now started playing it back to him many times daily. The whole thing started right after the release when Chunky was returning from Qatar after a show and was at the Doha airport when the girl at the check-in counter told him that the flight to Mumbai had already left. Chunky was shocked to hear this as he had gone to the airport well in time. The girl finally said “I’m a-joking” and that’s when Chunky realized that this was just a prank. Since then he gets these kind of pranks daily and is quite amused with the popularity of his character. “I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping it doesn’t happen to me after some big producer signs me for a blockbuster and then says that he was joking!” says Chunky about this prank.
Chunky Pandey

(Source : Rajnigandha Shekhawat)