Film Kuch Kariye is a farmers point of view : Jagbir Dahiya

Kuch Kariye is based on present day terrorism affecting the world and sees the issue with the perspective of a farmer who creates a film to propogate his own thoughts on the issue. That farmer belongs to Haryana and is now the producer and director of an ambitious film Kuch Kariye. It is his first attempt for the big screen. Jagnit has produced many TV shows and documentary films. One of his documentaries made for the Ministry of Development For The North Eastern Region was telecast 120 times on DD and satellite channels. Another of his documentaries was nominated for National Award. He has been honoured by Ayurvedic Society for making many films on Ayurveda. Jagbir has also worked for radio and now has choosen the medium of feature film to propogate his views on a larger scale.

Jagbir Dahiya

Talking about Kuch Kariye Jagbir explains that this two legged animal is the only creature which kills the other members of its class. Sukhvindar is the lead character of the film. Sukhvuindar is a singer and none of the singers introduced as actors have succeeded. But Jagbir says that he was the fittest person to do that role. Sukhvinder agreed after few days of consideration. Jagbir explains that the story does not have a hero, instead the characters are the hero. Sukhvindar, a musician; Vikram, a writer; and Rufy Khan is an actor who have came for a mission. That mission is my thought. Other characters of the film are played by Surendra Pal, Mukesh Tiwari, Deepak Shirke, Abhay Garg, Mustaque Khan and teo new actresses Shreya and Khwahish.

Talking about its production Jagbir says that it had gone over budget and all due to his own insistance. For example a set for a song was not up to my expectation so I got it dismantled and arranged again. The scene is part of the promo being shown. It had other title earlier which was changed to Kuch Kariye later as his well wishers insisted that the old name was a bit long. Any way the title protrays the theme much better. Jagbir says that a story told truthfully cannot be disputed. Join me, I have lighted a candle against terrorism.

(Source : Ashok Bhatia, Journalist, Mumbai. Ph. 09221232130)