Dont mesh with me taking me as a kid : Sparsh Khanchandani

It is a wellknown trend. If the film or show is hit all the artists associated with it are hit also. Same is true for the reverse. Same thing happened with Sparsh. Iccha of TV serial Utaran on Color TV channel becaame so popular that even Sparsh started forgetting her original name. She started to be known everywhere and by eveyone as Iccha. As she grown up other artist took her place in the serial. Now Sparsh is all set to become popular again with a reality show of dancing. She has crossed all the hurdles to enter the show.

Sparsh Khanchandani

Sparsh has had a big struggle in her tender age. Her mother was a domestic helper but Sparsh has made her place with her aptitude and dedication. She is doing her best to rise to the top in the show which she is taking as a challange. She has already undergone three years training in Bharatnatyam. She claims to become skilled in acting and dancing both.

Sparsh likes Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan and her favorit is Amitabh uncle. Amitabh is old but still acts like a youthful person. He niethr drinks nor smokes. Sparsh hopes to get a chance someday to work with him. She dreams to became a danceur like Hema Malini aunty.

Sparsh is alert about her health also. She never eats lunch provided at the sets. Her meal comes in her tiffin box cooked by her mother. Sparsh says that her mother prepares for shootings like she is going to a school. Sparsh likes home made meals too.

(Source : Ashok Bhatia, Journalist, Mumbai. Ph. 09221232130)