Actress Kangna Sharma is glad good work is finally coming her way!

Great Grand Masti fame actress is riding high on the success of her last release. The actor is glad that good work is finally coming her way. Kangna Sharma who impressed one and all with the power packed performance in the film Great Grand Masti her character also praised by many critics, is all set to star in a big banner film. Apparently, the actor has signed a big film.

When we contacted her she said, “I am working on my next film now. It is a celebration for me. It has been tough to get good [film] subjects, as I am relatively new. People in the Hindi film industry haven’t seen much of my work. The script is the most exciting and I like my character. As an actor it’s challenging & I’m so excited that I’ve already started working on the nuances of the character and it’s sure to surprise my fans!”

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SAANSEIN trailer intrigues the locales of Mauritius

SAANSEIN – THE LAST BREATH starring Rajniesh Duggall and Sonarika Bhadoria has left indelible mark on the minds of entire team. But more than that it has intrigued the locales of Mauritius, where the entire film has been shot. From the time the trailer has been launched in Mauritius, the neighborhood around the haunted house in Mauritius are facing troubles due to curious trespassers.

The property owners residing next to the house are constantly having trespassers coming by, thus creating ruckus to have a sneak peak at the particular property. While the trailer has left enough impact on the locales of Mauritius, the star cast, who shot for the film, couldn’t sleep for many nights. The actors met possessed people to actually get into the skin of their characters.

Lead actor Rajniesh said, “On the script level, I was completely taken aback, and being a believer in energy and shooting at creepy places had instilled fear in the entire team.”

Sonarika further added,” It was next to impossible to sleep with the lights off.”

The trailer that was initially launched in Mauritius is going to be out in India today.

Starring Rajniesh Duggall, Sonarika Bhadoria along with Hiten Tejwani, Neetha Shetty, Vishal Malhotra, Amir Dalvi, SAANSEIN is directed by Rajiv S Ruia. The music is composed by Vivek Kar and lyrics are penned by Kumar. SAANSEIN is produced by Goutam Jain and Vivek Agarwal under the banner GPA Productions.

SAANSEIN – THE LAST BREATH is set to release on 11th November, 2016.

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Rhythm Divine-II: River runs deep- An Indian contemporary dance show in Opéra Bastille

As a part of the ongoing Namasté France festival, Embassy of India, Paris presented an evening of contemporary Indian dance by internationally renowned Indian dance icon, Padma Shri Astad Deboo at the prestigious Opéra Bastille in Paris on 03 October 2016.

The dance created by Astad Deboo along with Guru Seityaban Singh combined the drumming traditions with Astad Deboo dance technique.The one and a half hour performance of PungCholom drummers of Shree ShreeGovindajee Nat Sankirtan and Astad Deboo hypnotised the Parisians.The dance started on a slow note and its tempo reached crescendo with the rhythmic movements of drummers. The impressive visual effects and the physical movements of dancers captivated the audience. Deboo’s style of blending several forms of dance with the theatre presented modern traditions of Indian dance. ‘Rhythm Divine-II: River runs deep’ contemporary dance choreographed by Astad Deboo was presented for the first time in Europe. And also it was the first time that an Indian contemporary dance troupe had been invited to represent India in the cultural festivals abroad.

Earlier on 15 September 2016, the Namasté France cultural extravaganza was inaugurated in Paris by His Excellency Dr. Mohan Kumar, Ambassador of India to France. During this two and a half month long festival, more than 70 events will be held in several cities of France including Strasbourg, Nice, Lyon, Lille, Marseilles, Tourcoing, Nantes, Avignon and Aix-en-Provence etc. Namasté France festival is an excellent platform for the people of France to view and understand India’s historically rich cultural traditions. These events will represent the underlying unity of India in terms of philosophical, spiritual and linguistic heritage. This spectacular festival will close with the performance of violin maestro L. Subramanyam and legendary Kuchipudi dancer coupe Raja and Radha Reddy in Philharmonie in Paris on 30 November 2016.

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उदित नारायण के हाथो फिल्म ‘खल्लास’ का मुहूर्त सम्पन

हिंदी और गुजराती इन दो भाषाओ में निर्मित होने जा रही फिल्म ‘खल्लास ‘ का मुहूर्त सुरो के बादशाह उदित नारायण के हाथो किया गया.जीवीजी फिल्म्स प्रोडक्शन के बैनर तले बनने जा रही इस फिल्म के मुहूर्त के मौके पर फिल्म के गानो की रिकॉर्डिंग भी शुरू की गयी,जिसमे फिल्म का पहला गाना उदित नारायण ,दीपा नारायण और अलका झा की आवाज़ में रिकॉर्डिंग किया गया .इस फिल्म की निर्मात्री योगिता राठौड़ है जिन्होंने मुहूर्त के मौके पर अपनी फिल्म के बारे में बताया ”यह फिल्म एक सस्पेन्स ,थ्रिलर फिल्म है जिसकी कहानी काफी अलग तरह की कहानी है .युवा पीढ़ी द्वारा ड्र्ग्स सेवन की मात्रा काफी बढ़ती जा रही है जो एक बहुत बड़ा गंभीर मुद्दा है और इसी मुद्दे को को हम फिल्म के माध्यम से दर्शाने जा रहे है जो यक़ीनन दर्शको को बहुत पसंद आएगी .”

‘खल्लास ‘इस फिल्म की कहानी प्रीत प्रकाश शर्मा द्वारा लिखी गयी है जिसका निर्देशन अमन खान करने जा रहे है.फिल्म का संगीत काफी बेहतरीन तरीके से तैयार किया जा रहा है .फिल्म का निर्माण दो भाषाओ में किया जा रहा है इसलिए सभी गाने दो भाषाओ में रिकॉर्ड किये जाएंगे .गुजराती में संगीत राज सेन और मारू ब्रदर्स द्वारा दिया जा रहा है और हिंदी गानो के लिए मोन्टी शर्मा द्वारा बनाये गए संगीत फिल्म में दिए जा रहे है .फिल्म के कलाकारों का चयन फ़िलहाल किया जा रहा है और बहुत जल्द फिल्म की शूटिंग शुरू की जाएगी..

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Fear haunts Sonarika Bhadoria post-midnight!

Surprising as it may sound but it seems there is some mystery around this damsel in distress. Every day as soon as the evening goes beyond midnight, this babe starts behaving rather mysteriously. Not sure what is up to her or the time but something creepy seems to be in store. One would have to wait and watch this horror romance SAANSEIN – THE LAST BREATH that releases on the 11th November 2016 to find out the truth that will surprise everyone. But until that time, we can catch a glimpse of the trailer that launches on the 5th of October. May be a hint or two to keep one glued to the mystery until the 11th!

With the first poster, motion poster and teaser of upcoming horrance (horror and romance) SAANSEIN – THE LAST BREATH creating waves everywhere, it’s now time to gear up for the first trailer of the film that will be out on Monday October 5th, 2016. So all those who are eagerly waiting to check out the trailer and get spooked, the countdown begins here!

Starring Rajniesh Duggall, Sonarika Bhadoria along with Hiten Tejwani, Neetha Shetty, Vishal Malhotra, Amir Dalvi, SAANSEIN – THE LAST BREATH is directed by Rajiv S Ruia. The music is composed by Vivek Kar, lyrics penned by Kumar. SAANSEIN is produced by Goutam Jain and Vivek Agarwal under the banner GPA Productions.

Producer Goutam Jain says, “The mystery narrated in this horror film is not what we have seen in the horror films in the past.”

Trailer of India’s first threesome erotic drama film ISHQ JUNOON

The trailer of ISHQ JUNOON has been launched and the heat is definitely on! After getting rave reviews and a million views for the first look, the films’ trailer looks promising.

A first of its kind threesome love story, this film will definitely soar the temperature high as there is so much of hotness in the trailer. The film marks the debut of newcomers Rajvir Singh, Divya Singh and Akshay Rangshahi and they have adorned a super bold look for the same. Set to be path-breaking in the adult film genre, ISHQ JUNOON is a subjective movie based on extraordinary concept of threesome that is a revolutionary theme in the love making arena among the youth of today.

An excited producer Anuj Sharma says, “The response is overwhelming and this just goes to show that our audiences want to see real stories. We hope our audiences love the second motion poster as well. Once again, it is all real – the performances, the content, the music. We are sure the youth will want to watch it again and again as it has made the industry insiders go gaga over.”

So, as the movie by ShantKetan Entertainments & Vinr Film Production is all set to release on November 11th, welcome the heat just like its tag line ‘The Heat Is On’ this Winter season.

Raise the temperature by viewing the trailer here:

IshqJunoon Official Trailer

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